Handcrafted Herbal Teas

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Larger sizes are available upon request
Teas are packaged in 2oz bags by volume. Weights will vary depending on blend.
Teas are packaged in 2oz kraft paper bags lined with a thick barrier material to protect from moisture, gas and odour. KWT bags are heat sealed above the ziploc top to maintain quality and freshness before and after opening.

Before all the big pharma cough syrups and cold pills, herbal tea was used as a remedy to treat even the worst ailments, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. If your looking for a more holistic and natural approach to medicine, try an herbal tea remedy instead.

Teas have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. My belief is that tea should not be considered as alternative medicine when in fact it is the original medicine.

So next time you want to boost your immune system, address urinary health concerns, quell anxiety, get a good nights sleep or clear up your skin, don’t head for the medicine cabinet, try a cup of tea!

KWT loose leaf tea is handcrafted using all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. Each blend has been created to address a specific health concern, or to simply provide the comfort and joy a good cup of tea can bring – currently 30+ blends available.

Have a look at the tea list. There is something for everyone be it physical, mental or spiritual.

KWT TEAS – Good for What Ails You.

Tea list and Product Info

Fortify: Peppermint, nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, fennel, rose petals
Taste: grassy, aromatic, sweet, & floral.
Herbal Action: Restorative, nutritive, relaxing

Sleep So Good: Chamomile, catnip, skullcap, mint, licorice root, hops
Taste: earthy, bittersweet, hint of mint
Herbal Actions: nervine, restorative, kid safe

Digestive Aid: Dandelion root, fennel, ginger, peppermint, spearmint
Taste: sweet, spicy, minty
Herbal Actions: carminative, digestive, liver support

Vitali-Tea: Rooibos, ginger, oat tops, lemongrass, rose hips, orange peel, rosemary, cinnamon
Taste: spicy, fruity, citrus
Herbal Actions: general tonic, naturally energizing
*Caffeine free blend.

Take Pause: Fennel seed, nettle leaf, mint, chamomile, rose petals, lavender blossoms, skullcap, raspberry leaf, catnip, licorice root
Taste: smooth, nice combination of bitter & sweet
Herbal Actions: nervine, restorative

Berry Nice: Rose hips, hibiscus, dried berries, lemongrass, linden, cinnamon
Taste: fruity, notes of citrus
Herbal Actions: vitamins & antioxidants
Excellent served hot or iced.

Focus: Gunpowder green tea, lemongrass, tulsi(holy basil), gotu kola
Taste: smooth green tea enhanced by aromatic tulsi & citrusy lemongrass
Herbal Actions: brain tonic

Strawberry Fields: Strawberry leaf, rose hips, spearmint, chamomile, dried strawberries, cloves, allspice
Taste: light spice, minty
Herbal Actions: relaxing, nutritive, antioxidant

Time Out: Fennel seed, nettle leaf, mint, chamomile, rose petals, lavender blossom, skullcap, raspberry leaf, catnip, licorice root
Taste: smooth, nice combination of bitter and sweet
Herbal Actions: nervine, restorative

Feel The Love: damiana, rose petals, cinnamon chips, dried strawberries, jasmine flower, vanilla bean.
Taste: Floral, ambrosial, grassy
Herbal actions: restorative, stimulating, antioxidant.

Be Well Tea: Elderflower, mint, ginger, yarrow, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice root
Taste: sweet, spicy, minty, slightly bitter
Herbal Actions: immune system support

Goddess Tea: Rosebuds and/or rose petals, chamomile, red raspberry leaf, orange peel, hibiscus, optional add-in: honey or stevia
Taste: fruity & floral. A truly feminine blend.
Herbal Actions: relaxing, refreshing

Unwind: Lavender, rose hips, dried calendula flowers, chamomile,
Taste: floral
Herbal Actions: calming, relaxing, nervine

Rest Easy Sleep Tea: Chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, lavender, passionflower, catnip, valerian root
Taste: Floral, minty, earthy
Herbal Actions: calming, relaxing, sleep aid

Deep Sleep: Valerian, lemon balm, linden leaf, mint, passionflower, hops, nutmeg
Taste: Slightly bitter, spicy, minty, earthy aroma from the valerian & hops.
Herbal Actions: relaxing, sleep inducing, reduces restless sleep, nervine
Should not be consumed if pregnant or breastfeeding

Lifting The Grey: Earl Grey tea, lemongrass, rose petals, clove, vanilla bean
Taste: smooth black tea blended with elevating aromatics of bergamot orange, lemongrass and rose. Lingering flavor of cloves
Herbal Actions: energizing, uplifting

Pink Dream: Hibiscus petals – for love & divination, lavender buds – for sleep, mugwort – for psychic dreams, rosehips & rose petals – for love.
Taste: floral, slight bitterness
Herbal Actions: nervine, relaxing

Spice Is Nice: cinnamon, clove, chamomile, red raspberry leaf, peppermint, rosehips, star anise.
Taste: warm spice, mint.
Herbal actions: nutritive, general tonic, relaxing

Rooibos Red Chai: Rooibos, star anise, cardamom, ginger, rosehips, orange peel
Taste: earthy, sweet, spicy, citrus
Herbal Actions: immune boost, antioxidant, warming, restorative

Green Jasmine: Green tea leaves, jasmine flowers, dried lemon peel
Taste: smooth green tea enhanced by aromatic jasmine
Herbal Actions: nutritive, energizing

Full Moon: Ginger root- for focus, strength & protection. Hibiscus- for self-love, care & beauty. Lemon balm- for balance, comfort and joy.
Taste: tangy, light spice, citrus
Herbal Actions: restorative, nervine, calming

New Moon: Earl Grey tea leaves, lavender buds, dried lemon peel, dark chocolate shavings
Taste: citrus, floral, mellowed by dark chocolate
Herbal Actions: cleansing, restorative

Cardiac Care: Hawthorn leaf, hawthorn berry, cinnamon, linden leaf, mint, hibiscus, lemongrass, orange peel
Taste: bright notes of citrus with tangy hibiscus & sweet linden
Herbal Actions: supports cardiovascular health & blood pressure

Cancer Care: Fennel, linden leaf, tulsi, lemon balm, ginger root, chamomile, licorice root
Taste: warm, fruity & floral, with a slight anise like flavour
Herbal Actions: antimicrobial, nervine, carminative, adrenal tonic. Helps immune, digestive & nervous systems.

Painted Prairie: Rooibos, rose hips, elderberry, rose pedals, calendula flowers, lavender, lemongrass
Taste: tangy, floral, fruity, citrus
Herbal Actions: Antioxidant, nutritive, hydrating, uplifting, general tonic
Excellent served hot or iced.

Chai Dreams Come True: black tea leaves, toasted cardamom, pink and black peppercorn, fennel, clove, cinnamon, candied ginger, ginger root.
Taste: Warm spice
Herbal actions: warming, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive aid.


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